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nova h1

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Tech meets jewelry

Audio Earrings

The NOVA H1 Audio Earrings are the first wireless earphones embedded in Earrings.

H1 Gold H1 Silver
Audio Earrins on the street

it's time for

the new way of enjoying audio

H1 Audio Earrings - An invisible solution for today's communications needs

Enjoy them
all day long

The H1 accompany you throughout the day. You will only remember you are wearing them when you listen to music, receive a call or admire them in the mirror

Audio Earrings while relaxing at home
Audio Earrings to walk back home safely in the evening
without disconnecting

with NOVA in your urban life you stay connected and receptive at the same time


A perfect combination of classic elegance and modern minimalism made to complement your style

Audio Earrings elegant
Audio Earrings highest quality earphones
From shell to inside
refined quality

Precious raw materials are just the shell for the most remarkable German engineering


as seen in

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