Introducing the NOVA H1

Audio Earrings outfit

Once upon a time, not so long ago, audio devices were created by men and only for them. Women had to make do with only color options of the very same devices. Yes, mostly pinkish… But then, fortunately, everything changed when audio met jewelry.

It was the birth of the first Audio Earrings, the NOVA H1. These wireless earphones are the first to be embedded in earrings, concealing the tech with a stylish wrapping and offering a whole new audio experience. From now on you don’t have to decide between being connected and being aware of your surroundings – and all while looking great.  

Imagine one of your mornings within the week. You get dressed, you put your watch, necklace, and rings on. You look in the mirror, hair’s done already. But something is still missing… Raise the curtain for your brand-new Audio Earrings!

NOVA Audio Earrings - make-up

The beautiful Audio Earrings, either in glossy gold or shiny silver, decorated by a real pearl, look gorgeous and complete your outfit in a perfect way. You don’t have to worry about the struggles of wearing earrings with your headphones, facemask… or about the fact that no audio device fits your style. The NOVA H1 Audio Earrings put an end to all this. They are not just an audio device; they are a fashion statement. Wear them with different outfits – from classy to casual. The Earrings are a perfect combination of classic elegance and modern minimalism made to complement your style throughout the day. But they do even more!  

The NOVA H1 mean tech meets style at its best – functional and gorgeous. Behind the unique fashion item hides perfect audio engineering in tiny technology.

By placing the earrings on the earlobes, the sound is projected from inside the pearl straight into your ear canal creating a non-intrusive sound experience; and thanks to this patented Directional Sound technology, which avoids sound leakage, your conversations and musical taste stay private.

Imagine you’re in a meeting and you don’t want to waive the possibility to listen to your favourite music. The NOVA H1 make it happen. You can still follow the conversations and enjoy songs at the same time. No one around you can hear the sound – it’s only for you. Your little secret hidden in a gem. Or imagine another situation: You want to hear your children in the other room while you finish up your last zoom call of the day - No problem with the NOVA H1 Audio Earrings! Because of their ear placement, you can follow meetings and be aware of the surroundings at the same time.

NOVA Audio Earrings in silver - countertop

You see: The NOVA H1 Audio Earrings perfectly fit your individual lifestyle. They make it possible that you enjoy up to five hours playtime and a unique way of streaming music, having a virtual meeting, or calling your best friend while you stay connected to the world around you.

Talking about surroundings: Since you wear the NOVA H1 earphones like any other earring, you’ll never have to search for your headphones again. They stay where they are – all day long if you want. That’s not only possible because they are comfy and light as a feather, but they also have the power to be used nearly the whole day. By charging them on the go in the beautiful charging case you can maximize the playtime of the audio earrings to a total of more than 20 hours. You put them on in the morning and take them off in the evening – like any other earrings. And maybe you’ll also use them to listen to an audio book while you fall asleep. All this is possible with the stylish fashion item that brings you the secret of invisible audio.

Discover more about the NOVA H1 Audio Earrings. The wireless earphones will be available soon. Sign up to the waiting list and get notified when the shop opens its doors.