Beaming the waves

NOVA H1 Silver

Discover how the Directional Sound of the NOVA Audio Earrings works

With our NOVA H1 Audio Earrings, the first clip-on earphones worldwide, we pave the way for a whole new experience of phone calls, listening to music and using digital assistants. We know how important it is for you, our customers, that your conversations and your music stay private while using our Audio Earrings. That’s why it was one of our number one priority to make this happen. After long hours of work and a lot of trial and error, our engineers found a way. We proudly present our patented Directional Sound Technology!

NOVA’s Directional Sound is a unique and patented technology invented by NOVA to keep your conversations and music private. Since the Audio Earrings open a new category within the audio industry – out-of-ear – it was crucial to come up with a solution that would ensure that only you hear your favorite tunes or the other person on the line. What Directional Sound technology does is to transmit the sound from the NOVA pearl on your earlobe directly to your ear canal similar to beamforming, that targets the waves stream towards a specific point. We do the same with the sound instead of with wireless signals.

To put it in another way – imagine you drop a stone on a calm lake. On the point where the stone collides with the water a circular wave is created that expands into bigger, but less intense, waves that cover a vast surface of the lake. This is how other wireless earphones work (in-ear, over-ear and on-ear). Imagine now that instead of letting the waves expand on their own, we could make the stone create waves directed to a specific point on the lake, the surface of the lake would not be covered with waves but these would reach more efficiently the specified point. This way of beaming the “waves”, the sound, is what we coined as Directional Sound.

You might be wondering what are the benefits of this unique technology - First and foremost, privacy. But this is just a result from the real deal: the out-of-ear sound. Since the placement of the Audio Earrings is the earlobe, your ear canal is free from exterior sound blockage, keeping you aware and safe at all times, as well as allowing you to multitask. Furthermore, these earphones are the most comfortable and dissipate the possibility of an ear infection.

This technology will let you enjoy your music even while you’re sitting in a meeting, will let you hear the delivery man at the door while you are listening to a podcast and will keep you aware of what’s going on around you when you walk back home in the evening. Doesn’t that sound cool?

NOVA H1 night safe

So if you are looking for discreet headphones, a Bluetooth earpiece that plays music or earphones that let you hear your surroundings… all while maintaining your privacy, you definitely have to try our Audio Earrings - they are coming soon. Stay tuned!