Behind the scenes of NOVA Products

<b>Behind the scenes of NOVA Products</b>

Imagine you’re on a business trip, just arriving on the crowded airport. Your phone rings and you desperately try to find your earbuds in the depths of your handbag. While you're searching, you accidentally bump into another person. Quick apology and you run on - the plane doesn’t wait. The phone’s still ringing, headphones are still hiding. You’re stressed. Finally – just when the phone got silent – you find your headphones. You call back your business partner, still frustrated because of the situation and because the headphones aren’t comfortable at all... specially in combination with the facemask. What a start to the day!

Sounds familiar? You can be sure you are not the only woman struggling with the headphone situation and looking for a better Bluetooth earpiece – function and look-wise. Until now there has never been an audio device designed for women but the team of NOVA Products is changing that with their idea of audio hidden in jewelry.

Laurence Gaubert, CEO of NOVA Products, says: “Especially as a businesswoman you don’t want to add an unstylish accessory to your thought-through outfit but at the same time, you want that stylish accessory to also be functional. The fact that our Audio Earrings are placed out of the ear and all the technology is hidden in a wonderful jewel, is also important for our customers.”


 Besides solutions regarding style and comfort the NOVA Audio Earrings offer another benefit: You don’t have to decide between your phone call or music and the world that surrounds you. That has a big impact on security, because you can always hear and be aware of both. In brief: The Nova H1 Audio Earrings are the first pair of wireless earphones embedded into earrings that can be worn all day long in order to help individuals to stay connected and receptive at the same time.

Since the idea, couple of years and a lot of production steps passed by. Sometimes the way was rocky. In the beginning the technology wasn’t working the way the team wanted and the production of the Earrings in gold was challenging. But the NOVA Products team overcome those issues and didn’t stop believing in their idea and product. In February 2021 NOVA started their Kickstarter campaign with great success. Over 300 supporters fell in love with the idea of Audio Earrings and made the next steps possible. Laurence, who joined the team in June 2021 as CEO, explains: “Since then we put countless hours of work and all our heart in getting the NOVA H1 ready for our supporters and customers. Because of the pandemic there is a big shortage of components which cause a delay in production. But we are optimistic that we can deliver the first Earrings in the first quarter of 2022.”


NOVA H1 Silver feather

Until then the team around Laurence, who already launched many luxury brands on new markets and scaled business in volatile environments, works with passion on the product. The team – currently five people – is very diverse. They all come from different countries, have various backgrounds, and combine a lot of knowledge. “We are all very mature, which is one of the key elements of our company”, explains Laurence. “Within the next months two new team members will join us on our disruptive and innovative journey. I’m really looking forward to our future and to deliver the NOVA H1 to all our supporters and fans”, she concludes.

Once the NOVA H1 Audio Earrings are on the market and decorate your ears, your next business trip will definitely be much more relaxed, Laurence and her team are sure.