tech meets jewelry


most beautiful
wireless earphones

The essence of a French design combined with German engineering results in the most stylish pair of earphones in the market.

With a plated gold or silver clip, and a real pearl, the NOVA H1 are not only functional but stylish.

Audio Earrings on the bike

Real Pearl

with Stud or Clip-ons in silver or gold plating

For pierced or non-pierced ears

The Audio Earrings are available in the classic clip-on version or with a stud for a firmer grip

At Work

make calls from every device,
any time.

Thanks to our Bluetooth 5.2 you can now partake in conference calls while working from home or in the office;

Audio Earrings at work for meetings
Audio Earrings for music and relaxing at home
Audio Earrings music
At Home

Stream music and simply relax with background music without the hassle of wires.


The Earrings placement on the earlobe allows you to hear everything and everyone at all times.

Audio Earrings on the street to hear the traffic
Audio Earrings are the most stylish earphones

Keep your privacy

directional sound

NOVA’s Directional Sound keeps your music and
conversations private. With our patented solution, we send the sound from the
pearl on the earlobe directly to your ear canal, avoiding any sound spreading away.

Audio Earrings in public to hear the surroundings

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