NOVA H1 Audio Earrings

by NOVA Products

NOVA Audio

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A real

Silver / Gold plated clip


Designed and Engineered in Germany – Made in Europe

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Enjoy 3+ hours of playtime and save battery with ultra sleep mode when you are not using your audio earrings. The H1 Charging Case provides 20h+ of battery on-the-go

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Bluetooth 5

Experience true wireless sound - music or phone calls - with Bluetooth 5

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With NOVA's patented Directional Sound, keep your private conversations private

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iOS & Android

NOVA H1 is compatible with all devices running on iOS and Android operating systems as well as PC and Mac

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Augmented audio

Hear your surroundings and add to it your favorite soundtrack

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Extremely lightweight

Each earring weighs around 6g, perfect to wear them comfortably all day long, every day

Charging Case

Up to 20h of extra battery

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