Directional Sound

What is Directional Sound technology?

Directional Sound technology is a unique out-of-ear technology developed and patented by NOVA to create a completely new audio experience. Out-of-ear sound - how is it possible, you will ask? Let us explain.

How does Directional Sound technology work?

Using multiple acoustical volumes inside the pearl and a funnel geometry towards the pearl opening, we direct sound towards the ear. 

As the sound propagates from the pearl directly into your ear, it does not leak outwards in different directions. However, because the Audio Earrings are worn out-of-ear, we recommend adjusting the sound volume to the level of noise around you to ensure your music and conversations stay as discreet as possible.

What is the sound experience like?

Thanks to the Directional Sound technology, the sound experience of using the Audio Earrings differs from that of in-ear or over-the-ear earphones. It could be compared to augmented reality: a layer of sound, such as music or a person on the other side of a phone call, is added to the existing layer of sound that surrounds you. It's like having a soundtrack that accompanies you throughout the day.

Benefits for the customer

The NOVA H1 Audio Earrings with built-in Directional Sound technology are a unique alternative when in- or over-ear headphones are not the preferred solution.